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Titan Technology Alliance has provided the engineering and consulting services to develop innovative DSP algorithms for HRM, SpO2, HRV and ECG. We have deep knowledge in application development using Silabsí Biometric Sensors: Si1143-44, Si117x and Si118x. 

HRM (Heart Rate Monitor): We developed an innovative DSP solution for the HRM using Si1143-44, Si117x and Si118x. The solution used green LED on wrist and processed the PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraph) signal. The algorithm took into account of motion artifacts caused by arm motion during the exercise. The HRM can be used for fitness watches, smart watches and other wearable devices that require low-power heart rate monitoring. 

SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation Monitor): We designed a reflective SpO2 algorithm to monitor the SpO2 on fingertip at idle. The solution uses both IR and Red LEDs that are connected to Si114x. It can be integrated to a mobile phone and made as a stand-alone fingertip SpO2/HRM device to monitor the blood oxygen level and the heart rate.

HRV (Heart Rate Variability): We developed a wristwatch HRV algorithm using the green-LED PPG at high sampling rate. The solution extracted the RR interval at idle and calculated the HRV parameters. 

ECG Signal Processing: We designed an innovative DSP algorithm to filter the ECG signal when the ECG sensor is connected between the right-hand fingertip and left-hand wrist. The solution removed the baseline wander, power line interference and other noise from the ECG signal. It well reserved the QRS complex and P & T waveforms, and calculated accurate heart rate and RR intervals that were used to calculate the HRV parameters.